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Located in Macerata, the Earthen Houses Ecomuseum of Villa Ficana was born in May 2016 and it is the point of arrival of a twenty-year work that, through the direct involvement of schools, institutions, inhabitants and local associations, has rediscovered the value of a part of the city - of its history, its traditions - and land architecture.

In fact, Villa Ficana is a village entirely made up of earthen houses and the Ecomuseum is also a museum of earth architecture and tradition.

It houses a documentation centre, it is home to a promotion and dissemination activity addressed to everyone interested in earth architecture and it is aimed at the rediscovery and updating of historical techniques. In order to enhance the social ties of the community and a sustainable lifestyle, the Ecomuseum proposes: guided tours that bring to life the living conditions in the district between the nineteenth and twentieth century, experiential tourist itineraries, educational activities dedicated to schools, workshops for adults aimed to rediscover/ deepen subject matters connected to local traditions.

The Earthen Houses Ecomuseum Villa Ficana is part of the cultural offering of the municipality Macerata

Earthen houses ecomuseum Villa Ficana Borgo S.Croce 87 - 62100 - Macerata (Mc)

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